Thoughts on making of Testimony - short film

My Dad flew in from LA to Tulsa a few weeks before Christmas to visit. Since he moved out to California about two years ago with his brother Jack, I've only got to see him twice. My Dad and I have always been close so being away from him for such a long amount of time has been really hard.

I knew when He came back to visit for just a short time I wanted to interview him and just have him tell me his life story so far. After all, everyone has a story to tell so I wanted to try and capture his so my family and others can treasure one day. 

My uncle Jack, myself, my dad Terry 

My uncle Jack, myself, my dad Terry 

I interviewed and just talked with him for about an hour and half, starting with his earliest memories of a child to what lead him back to California. Listening to his story, he dealt with alot of heartache and struggle as we all do, but in the end he has found a hope greater than all his worries or problems. And I think that's what a lot of people in the world are searching for today, just hope. 

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I felt I needed to highlight this in some way. The struggle in life and of the soul. 


I filmed everything in one night with him around downtown Tulsa and Jenks area. 


In the end, I hope my Dad's short story can maybe encourage someone else who feels broken inside. And if it can encourage just one person, to me that's all that matters. 


What I've learned trying to capture moments of time with your family or friends in a film or photographs are great but they just won't compare to the actual time you spend with them everyday. So I treasure the times I have with my parents, family, friends.

Because none of us are promised tomorrow. All we have is today.